Dead Rockers Ball

Bulletproof Convertible present the Dead Rockers Ball

What is a Dead Rockers Ball?

The Dead Rockers Ball a fun, unique event the band  Bulletproof Convertible created to tour around the country. The event is aimed at people who like to dress up have fun and dance. The name came from a line in one of the bands songs "The dead rockers are gone but not forgotten" a homage to simpler days when people went out to the community hall and see a show, the old school band dance, ladies bring a plate from the 50's.

The show is fully self contained with Band providing, light, sound, hall decorations even table cloths and led table lights. 

Where? When?

The Dead Rockers Ball is usually held at a community hall and doors typically open at 7.30pm with the show starting at 8pm.  Show closes at 11pm.

What do you wear?

It has become a tradition that people come dressed up, often as dead rock stars but also an amazing array of 50's inspired get ups. Lots of Lemmies from Motorhead, Freddy, Amy, Dusty Springfield, Mamma Cass,  you get the idea. There is no expectation to dress up it just happened on the way. 

Is there a bar?

The show runs in different format depending on who takes it on. Sometimes the band runs the bar and takes care of licencing, if the Dead Rockers Ball is part of a larger festival the organisation takes care of it. We also partner with community groups to run the bar as a fund raiser. 

Can we bring the show to our festival and include it?

We are always looking for opportunities to play a show. Please contact our manger Simon Vare +64 274 403 058