Bulletproof Convertible - original 3 piece rock

Dunedin based Bulletproof Convertible - an original rock trio of energy and foreboding. Menacing rhythm underpins the wicked songwriting and guitar skank of Silas Waring, from bassist Paul Southworth's low growl and the drive of drummer Alex Ramsay. The band imbues a strong sense of fun and dangerous fury.... Danceable as hell.

Silas Waring

Alex Ramsay

Paul Southworth

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Songs from Bulletproof Convertible in no particular order. We continuously arrange and record songs from the creations of Silas Waring. Sometimes they are complete in a day and other times they take months to take form and feel. When they are ready to go the band instinctively knows its time to take it out live.

Gotta Be Nasty

The Devil In Me

Kundalini Rising

Kink in the Road

Blades of Grass

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