Blades of Grass

Blades of Grass


From the dew on the blades of grass

in the morning

to the last dying embers

of the evening light

from the birds in the trees

of springtime singing

to the first early frost

of autumn night


we came to this country

to make it our home

we sailed on ships

tired and alone

we wondered if this harsh

new land

would be better than

the one we left behind.


From the famine and tyranny

and hardship and labour

of the old country

that we left behind

to a bright new future

across the ocean

to raise our children

in a brave new land


I will sweep the dust

from your pathway

I will clear your field of stones

I will build you a rose garden

fertilised by my old bones


And so a nation was

hewn from the ocean

as the land was levelled

and the trees were felled

we worked hard

to keep it all going

as the stock grew fat

and the crops grew well


every fruit of every labour

will be to reduce your fear

every humble new endeavour

reminds me of why we came here.