Gotta Be Nasty

Gotta Be Nasty


You gotta be nasty its gotta be low 
its gotta be dirty to steal your soul 
its gotta be scary with swollen lips 
its got to hurt to move your hips 
its gotta be crude and aborted 
broken up and distorted 

its gotta be hidden in a shed 
with cowshit and the dead 
drowned it in a jar of flies 
sewed up to steal the eyes 
its gotta threaten to flood your land 
wreck your floor full of sand 

'here we go...' 

dead man walking in the house 
your hands are bleeding its not nice 
its gotta be dirty its gotta be low 
defiled like the grave nice n slow 
its gotta do battle hidden in a shed 
zebra stripes to fool the dead 

the ancestors are calling to you from the grave 
of the horror of being a slave 
trapped in the maize chained to the beast 
the call of the mau mau gathered for the feast 
bring them out shadows in the light 
just a glimpse then out of sight