Kink in the Road

Kink in the Road


She made it past 
the kink in the road 
vowed one day she'd never get old 
in the town she was born in 
but did'nt belong 
standing by the road 
humming this song 

every day crushes a little 
more soul 
gotta leave town before 
I get much older 
over and over like 
groundhog day, 
just enough gas 
to get out of this place 

packed up the honda 
an I'm on my way 
off to dunedin and the gold they say 
gotta mate in Uni and 
a place to stay 
got a bit of cash and 
some weed to trade 

a career in the meatworks 
is not for me 
three different children 
by the age of twenty three 
sitting in the pub 
polishing the same old seat 
drinking beer an complaining 
like my father before me 


As a foot note here is an article on the town of Milton and the mystery of the Kink in the Road.

Written by  Keith Lynch Published on Stuff