Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising


Walked to the tree 
didnt see no sign 
just a pretty lookin woman 
and a bottle of wine 

there was a snake 
sitting in the tree 
snake took a bite n' 
offered it to me 

ooh hoo the snakes 
in the grass 
that rock n roll 
moves so fast 

oo hoo take a trip 
with me 
down the rabbit hole 
gonna set you free 

ooo hoo 
kundalini rising 
the sun sets 
behind the horizon 

walked out the garden 
never been the same 
dont feel no guilt 
dont feel no shame 

sun is shining 
and I feel alive 
first time I'm free 
in my life 

ooo hooo 
I'm a brand new man 
I'll do what I like 
because I can 

ooo hooo 
leave the fear behind 
I've shed my skin 
I'm walking in the light 

the fairy tale that 
scares the child 
I'll cut it loose 
going back to the wild.