Stickerdot producing more merch

Stickerdot producing more merch

28th October 2022

Our friends at Stickerdot are currently working up some new vinyl stickers for the band that we can sell as merch. 

As you probably know it is a pretty hard grind for a band after the last couple of years with all the pandemic restrictions. Merch is a great fundraiser for us, the money comes direct to the band and you get a cool little take home memento. 

Every little bit helps keep us on the road, Bulletproof Convertible are currently working on building up a new stock of merch and at the same time we have been building a new light show, recording new songs, creating a stage set and props so we can deliver the most epic show we have done yet.

If you have been thinking about stickers you cannot go past Stickerdot for fast turn around and quality. Check em out here